Dr. Brad Kehoe D.C.

Dr. Brad Kehoe graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and began practicing chiropractic along with his wife Dr. Heather McLeod in 1982.

Together their goal was to establish a family like practice, this means care for pre-natal mothers, newborns, children, teens, amateur athletes, professional athletes, the works, including our geriatric population.  Everybody and anybody with a spine.

It has been 37 years and counting and that is what they have done.  Advising on Nutrition, exercises, stretches and most importantly introducing the adjustment unique to chiropractic has enabled them both to achieve excellent practices geared for everyone.

Dr. Kehoe is a born Vancouverite, raised with the chiropractic philosophy, unusual for those times.  The heritage lies with his Great grandfather, great uncle, two uncles and two cousins, all chiropractors.

Dr. Kehoe and Dr. McLeod raised their family of three daughters here in Richmond.  Now with six grandchildren they too receive chiropractic care.

Dr. Kehoe has coached girls’ softball, soccer and little league baseball.

Dr. Kehoe has served on the board for the B.C. College of Chiropractors, Dr. Kehoe was a board member and negotiator on the Work Safe committee and was an office inspector on the Standards of Practice committee.

Dr. Brad Kehoe is a registrant of the College of Chiropractors of BC and the BC Chiropractic Association.